FieldHelper cannot be cast to java.lang.String pentaho

I had the following error in a “User Defined Java Class” step on Pentaho Data Integration.

FieldHelper cannot be cast to java.lang.String

Indeed, you have to use the getRow() method to convert the field you’re getting into a String or any other variable type.

public boolean processRow(StepMetaInterface smi, StepDataInterface sdi) throws KettleException, Exception
  Object[] r = getRow();
        if (r == null) { return false; }
        String myString = get(Fields.In, "FeedSubmissionId").getString(r);


Get XML Data won’t parse XML object – Pentaho

I had an issue with Pentaho today. It wasn’t able to simply parse this XML that I was fetching from Amazon Marketplace Webservice.

Here’s the data I got :

<SubmitFeedResponse xmlns="">

The step “Get XML Data” couldn’t parse it because of the xmlns attribute tag. So I had to add a step “Replace in string” that would delete this attribute.

Screenshot from 2016-08-01 17:18:56